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Welcome toSt Stephen's CE Primary SchoolTBC

Look what we have been up to

Our alien cakes, yum yum

Some entries for our World Book Day colouring competition. Superb colouring well done to all who entered.

We had a go at play dough aliens, they are great .

The dinosaur egg is hatching !!!

Super work Lena!

Great work Daisy!

Dinosaur fun!

Mr Bancroft found a dinosaur fossil this morning! We went on a hunt and found lots more. Teeth , bones and foot fossils. We were very excited, we brought them in the classroom and cleaned them up and we have kept them! What a surprise!

Fabulous Dinosaurs by Lena!

Lots of great home learning happening again!

Happy holidays . Have a lovely weeks break Enjoy valentines n pancake day

Our collective worship hearts Mr Shelton loved them for our collective worship floor book. They were all full of wonderful messages for our loved ones..

Our lovely salt dough hearts to finish tomorrow

Our yummy pancakes n toppings.

Mrs Miller tossing pancakes todayπŸ˜‚

Still image for this video

Great work Lena

Some great work from our home learners!

We had fun in our music session this afternoon with the instruments . It was the first live music session I have been to in a while! 😍

Lots of no screen day fun!

Great Phonics Daisy!

Decorating Little Red Riding Hood Biscuits this afternoon with Bubble A. Yummy!πŸ˜‹
Bubble A in school today. I was amazed how the children picked up the concept of counting in groups of 2 ‘pairs’ How did you get on at home with today maths?

We decorated Little Red Riding Hood biscuits,yummy 😊

Great Work Jack Dawson!

Looks like great fun Lena!

We painted some lovely Little Red Riding Hood pictures

Well done Lily Mae

Super Work Zakariya!

Busy Bubble ...

Great work and super fun!

Well done Ava Rose!

Great work Jack Hatton!

Fantastic work from Bubble A at the end of last week. We worked so hard we had a little treat to finish off our Friday!!😁
Well done Jack! We can see you have been working hard sequencing your day, telling the time to o’clock and doing some addition. Keep up the hard work. I love your labelling of the Gruffalo too. You make us proud.🀩
Fabulous home learning Ava-Rose. Keep working hard on reading those tricky words and your writing is coming along really nicely! Fabulous  work on time and subtraction. I really like your scroll for collective worship too. You make us proud!😊
Well done Alex. You have been working hard understanding times to o'clock. We love your play dough creatures and your hedgehog model! Your writing is really coming on!

Lovely work Deborah!

Some great work from Zakariya, well done

Some more fantastic writing and drawing!

Great Writing Daisy!

Super pencil control Isabelle

Great work Mia

Well done Jack Hatton, super work!

Well done Bubble A in school last Thursday and Friday. Super subtraction work, Gruffalo writing and fabulous owl drawings in Art. I hope you enjoyed making owl fruit toast and of course eating them!
Alex has been very busy at home. Keep up the hard work Alex. Your number formation and writing is really coming along!
Well done Ava-Rose. Great work on subtraction both in school and at home. We love your jigsaw piece for collective worship. I hope you enjoyed your chilly walk on Friday too! 
Super writing about the Gruffalo Max! Well done for solving number problems with one more and one less too. Keep up the hard work!
Well done Zakariya. Super number work and phonics. Your hard work at home makes us very proud of you.

We made "fruit owl toast." It was so yummy!

Super writing from Isabelle

Lovely work from Daisy

Lena has been working very hard this week!

Bubble A having fun whilst learning.

Fab story map Daisy!

Great work Lena! Thank you

Wow Scarlett! Super pencil control and fabulous writing to label the characters. Brilliant maths work and I also hear you have been doing amazingly on reading eggs too!! Thank you for working so hard. We miss you lots!🀩🀩

Super maths Freddie. Keep working hard at home. You make us proud!🀩🀩

Fantastic job Ava-Rose. I love your number work and your drawing of the mouse is amazing...even better than your Mums!!😊

Super work Alex. We love your Gruffalo pancake and well done labelling the characters and using the part whole model for addition.

Reception/Yr 1 Bubble have been very busy again today.

Reception bubble have been very busy.

Fabulous work from Zakariya and Lena!!

Some great work form Daisy, well done

Amazing number work Alex

Super Phonics work Zakariya!

Fantastic Drawing Lena!

Here is my Draw with Rob - Mouse. Can not wait to see yours.

Great phonics work from Daisy today, well done

Some fantastic maths learning has been completed in school by Ava Rose, Jessica and Miya today

Super play dough Gruffalo Alex!

Super number work and phonics Lena

Brilliant number work and drawing skills Max!

Well done Zakariya. Super careful counting and number practise. Lovely pencil control acitivites too!

Super work writing cvc words and ordering numbers Freddie. I hope you enjoyed listening to The Gruffalo story too.