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Lola ( my Grandaughter) and I made our own musical instruments using some objects from our kitchen. We had great fun. You could try and make some to play along to the music.

Here are some songs the children will know from school and some new ones to learn! I'm sure the children will enjoy singing and dancing along. Why not watch the videos and learn how to sing and sign in makaton at the same time? Music lifts our spirits and I know singing always cheers me up, give it a try.smiley
Week beginning 8th February 2021
Join in with these counting songs. See if you can keep the pulse (steady beat) by clapping or perhaps using some pots, pans and spoons from your kitchen!
Have a go at exploring the different elements that make up a song, play or clap along with the music and make then listen back to your own versions of a song!
Practise some familiar songs and try some new ones
Week beginning 1st February 2021
Action songs Medley
Wake up Shake up!
Wake up Shake up activities, facts and challenges!
Banana Banana Meatball