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Mindful Monsters

Welcome to Mindful Monsters. 


We know that these are difficult and different times right now, so we wanted to spread some cheer and happiness around school. 


Each day, we will upload a different Monster challenge for you to complete. 


You can complete these however you like (pictures, videos, Twitter, Email etc) but remember to share your responses with us.


Even though you are working so hard from home, or in school, we want to make sure you are looking after yourself and your families by keeping a healthy mind too... whilst having a little fun as well!


We can't wait to see how you get on!


@ststephensaud                    @MissPtheSENCO 

Friday 29th January

I can't wait to see you strike a pose!

Thursday 28th January

What would you fill your balloon with?

Wednesday 27th January - Concentration

What something 'squishy' will you choose?

Tuesday 26th January - Positivity

Try and do this with your favourite story... 

How do you think your characters feel? How do they make you feel?