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Welcome to our Year 6 class page!


Year 6 Summer 1 2021-22 Curriculum Letter and Topic Web

Year 6 Robinwood Parent Information Evening Presentation 2021

Year 6 Summer 1 2020-21 Curriculum Letter and Topic Web

Year 6 Spring 2 2020-21 Curriculum Letter and Topic Web

Y6 Curriculum Letter Spring 1 2021

Friday 23rd October 2020


Morning Y6! 


No collective worship today but I'd like to give my awards out and I'll give you certificates when we get back to school. First award is for Taylor Wood for going above and beyond with his home learning - well done Taylor! My second award is for the value of friendship and goes to Izzy, Angel, Tia, Lewis, Arthur and Jayden who have been working together via zoom to become a little home learning team! Well done to all of you and I'm very proud of how much effort you have been putting into home learning this week! 


Have a wonderful half term,

Mrs Clayton 



Good morning Year 6! Welcome to the last day of Autumn 1 2020 :)


Guided Reading

Today is Friday, which means- reading for pleasure! Share your favourite book with us on twitter :)


Writing a non-chronological report about a topic of your choice- see attached document.


Reasoning within 4 operations. You will be using all 4 operations to help you solve problems,
Answers will be posted this afternoon.



This half term we have been learning about God. Create a piece of artwork (you can choose any media you like-paint, felt tip, pastels etc) and show your vision of God. If you picture God, what do you see?
Please send pictures over to me via email or on Twitter so I can add them to our Y6 class RE book.


Have a great day and if you need anything get in touch, Mrs Jackson :)

Check back here regularly to see updates of Year 6's learning in class - we love to share what we do

Good afternoon Y6!


Some amazing work going on today! Thank you to the children and parents who have sent it over for me to see! Answers for today's GR and maths are attached! 


Speak soon! Missing you all! 


Mrs Clayton

Good morning Year 6!


It was so good to see the work that you completed yesterday – I was particularly impressed with your non-chronological reports and the effort that some of you went to! Keep it up Y6!


Collective worship for today is up on the website for you to see! 


Guided reading

For the next two days we are looking at a book called the Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes which is all about WW2 (a topic I know a lot of you enjoy learning about). I’ve attached the whole book but today I would like you to read pages 1-5 and answer questions 1-12. The illustrations are fantastic!



There’s two tasks for you to do. The first one is to match the question to the answer using your knowledge of BIDMAS (I know it says BODMAS on the work but it means the same – just a different way of remembering it).

Then I’d like you to try alphabet algebra. Start from D and go from there. If you see a letter and a number together e.g. 2K that means 2 x K. It is just a shorter way of doing it. I will pop the answers up at 3pm again for you to mark.



We have done lots of work this half term on improving and extending your sentences to make them more interesting. Use the image on your work to add adjectives to the existing sentence. Then add a fronted adverbial, a relative clause and a subordinating clause to improve it even further. You can do one or both!




We have already learnt how to say different items of clothes in French and today I want you to learn some French phrases to describe what you are wearing. Follow the link, listen to how the phrases are pronounced and take the quiz at the end.



I know you have been looking at the media and how it isn’t always truthful with Miss Padmore. Today I’d like you to find an advert from a paper/magazine/online and answer the following 3 questions about it:

  1. How has this advert got your attention?
  2. What is it trying to sell?
  3. How is it trying to persuade you to buy it?
  4.  Who is the advert aimed at?


Have a good day and I’ll put the answers to the guided reading and maths on at 3pm. Feel free to send over any work that you have done – I’d love to see it!

Mrs Clayton

Hi! Here are today's answers for maths and reading! Please send me your non-chron report if you haven't already done so! 

Good morning Year 6!            

This isn’t quite the day that I had planned but hey ho – we’ll yet through it. Only 3 days of work and you can have a rest!


Collective worship

Follow the link to the website and watch the video from Salt and Light.



You were supposed to have a maths test today! So you can look forward to that when you come back to school instead. I’d like you to have a go at the BIDMAS work attached. There is 3 different levels of difficulty so choose the one you think you would be able to achieve. Don’t just choose the easiest one Y6! And write BIDMAS at the top of your page to refer to whilst you work. I’ll put the answers up at 3pm so you can check your work. I’d love to know your scores too if you can tell me when you send your geography.


Guided reading

Please read the text about Earthquakes, answer the questions and I’ll pop the answers up at 3pm.



During last week’s lesson you decided if you wanted to write a non-chronological report on either Mount Everest or The Great Barrier Reef. I know you don’t have your notes from last lesson but I’d like you to continue researching your chosen topic and then write a non-chronological report. Many of you were asking if you could turn it into a powerpoint…. Yes you can! You could also present it as a word document – I don’t mind. However, there are a few features that I would like to see included.

  • Title
  • Subheading
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Technical language
  • Fact boxes
  • Information organized into paragraphs e.g. Who was the first person to climb Everest? What creatures live in the Great Barrier Reef?
  • Pictures/diagrams/captions
  • At least 3 paragraphs


I have attached the text about polar bears that we used in last weeks work incase you need some help remembering how to set it out.


If you could email your finished work to me, I’d love to see it! My email is




We're ready for you Year 6 class of 2020/2021! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow in your new shirts and ties! Miss Kay, Mrs Clayton and Miss Padmore x

YEAR 6 2020-21

Going to high school


We know some of you aren't in school at the moment, so if not, we'd love for you to work through this lesson thinking about starting your new journey into high school. If you're in school next week we'll do this lesson together

Week beginning 6/7/20


Good morning everyone!


We hope you're doing well today. A new week means another week of home learning for some of you, so here's the work for this week:

Week beginning 22/6/20


Good morning Year 6!


Some of you will be sat in school this morning and others preparing themselves to come back on Thursday. For anyone not in school this week or until Thursday use this link daily to complete the work.


Don't forget to keep posting this on Twitter

Friday 19th June


Work through the timetable today and see how many activities you can complete


I'd love to know what the celebration assembly was like if anyone goes!

Thursday 18th June



Write a letter to your future self today to remind yourself what life was like in lockdown. What did you do each day? What changed? How did it make you feel? Anything specific you would like to remember that you did? What was your best moment? Worst?

Can you make it into a time capsule and add some pictures or items and keep it somewhere safe?



Check out the YouTube video below for today's maths challenge! You'll need some scales for this one. Don't worry if you've not got any, you can always give it a good guess



Grab your favourite book and have a read today while it's raint. Snuggle up under a blanket and find out what's happened next. 



I LOVE Art John's art projects and some of you will definitely have done some with be before. If you don't have any coloured paper, maybe you could create some similar designs using coloured pencils

Wednesday 17th June



Read back through your story and edit. Check for:

-Spelling mistakes (use a dictionary)

-Missing punctuation

-Is it in the same tense? 

-Are there any sentences that don't make sense?



Try today's bitesize lesson on conversion. Bringing back out Beyonce method this morning!!

Remember to write the fact and draw the arrow e.g. 1000g=1kg if its grams to kg draw the arrow in that direction and look what's happened to the number. The 1 has moved 3 places to the right so it's divide by 1000.



Get on google Earth today and see if you can find your house. Once you've found it, can you plan a walk for you and your family starting and ending at your house using the map. If you can draw the map out on a piece of paper, even better!!

Tuesday 16th June 2020



Today you will be writing your ending to your story. Ending a story is notoriously difficult so I’ve done a video to show you how you could end it. Remember, you don’t have to stick to mine – it’s just there to help you!



See the link below for some algebra revision again



Today we will be learning about one of my favourite places – the lake district! Have you been there before? Follow the link below to learn all about the lake district and complete the quiz at the end.


The lockdown has caused huge issues for the travel industry so I’d also like you to design a poster or booklet encouraging people to come and visit the lakes again when it is safe to do so. Make it bright, colourful and full of things to do so you might need to use the internet to get some extra information. Let me see them once you have completed them.


Have a good day and try to get out for some exercise before it rains later!


Mrs Clayton

Maths 16/6

Algebra revision

Monday 15th June

Good morning Y6! I hope you are all ok!



Today we are going to write our third paragraph. You need to make a decision on whether you’re character loves their new powers and wants to keep them… or is it causing problems now? Are you missing hugs from your Mum and Dad? Or missing drawing… reading a book… going to the park…. playing on the X-box?

Don’t forget to check your punctuation is correct!



I’ve attached a powerpoint and activity sheets for the new statistics topic. Read through the powerpoint and choose a sheet to complete. One star is easier, 2 and 3 stars gets harder. Some of it should be revision. Let me know how you get on!



Have a go at todays BBC bitesize lesson learning how to talk about school and hobbies in French.



You have now been at home for 12 weeks. 12WEEKS!!!! That’s double the summer holidays. As a parent of 2 children, I can tell you it’s not easy AT ALL! So… today I’d like you to help your parents by doing something for them. It could be making them a brew, it could be hanging the washing out or hoovering. You could even make them dinner or tea. Show me on twitter what you have done to be helpful today!

Frday 12th June



Write your second paragraph of the story today – What happens as your character begins to explore their new powers? What trouble does it get them in? How do they benefit from it? Do they like it or is it nothing like they imagined?



Today’s lesson looks like an exciting one – calculating time in football! Let me know how you get on with it



Have a look at this art lesson today – we’ve already looked at some of Kandinsky’s work this year and I love Andy Warhol’s work too



I’ve got a PE challenge for you today set by Phil, who you all met when we did our Science and PSHE this year on Healthy Living.

  • 30 seconds star jumps
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • 30 seconds high knees
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • 30 second Press ups
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds squat
  • 1 minute rest

How many times can you repeat this???

Thursday 11th June



Write your first paragraph of your story today – really think about how you are going to set the scene. What happened in Mida’s story? Does something similar happen in your story? Can you describe the setting?



Today’s lesson – we’ve not done algebra in a while but you all breezed through it when we did it in class. Remember – that letter just replaces an unknown number! If we squash a letter and a number together we are multiplying them



Let’s get moving today!! I wonder what Joe has planned for us this morning



Grab a book, find a cosy corner and read for 15 minutes today. Let us know what you’re reading on Twitter. Maybe we can have a competition – who can read in the most obscure place today?

Wednesday 10th June 2020


Good morning Y6! Lovely to see some of your work up on twitter yesterday. Well done for continuing with home schooling – I know it’s not easy!



I’d like you to plan out your own version of the story of Midus using the story plan below. Use your notes from yesterday to help you. Think about where your story is set, the characters and what issues might arise due to you (or someone you know) having this power. I’m not going to guide you with your story as the notes I seen are brilliant and I think you can have a really good go at this plan independently. We never let you loose on your own stories so enjoy the opportunity!


If you are really struggling for ideas, then feel free to get in touch.



Following on from yesterdays lesson, we move onto forming expressions. Have a go and see how you get on. If you are really struggling or don’t understand please let me know!



I know you did science on Monday but there is a lovely lesson on bbc bitesize about reversible and irreversible changes. Have a look and have a go at the activities.



Draw with Rob has drawn an amazing sloth. Have a go and let me see what you come up with! I will have a go with Freddie later and show you ours.

Tuesday 9th June 2020


Morning Year 6! Not quite the week we were expecting but hope you’re all ok.



Hopefully you’ve watched the Midas video and made your comic strip from yesterday.

Watch this Skittles advert from a few years ago based on the story of Midas.

You’re going to write your own story later in the week so you need to have a think about what might happen when you touch something. What could it become? Something precious such as gold like Midas? Or something like skittles? Write some notes about what could happen in your story. Do you turn everything into something else or one of your friends or family? Is it making them/you happy or miserable?



We’re going to revisit direct and indirect speech. There is a sheet below for you to complete.



Today I want you to look at function machines (the beginnings of algebra). Learn all about function machines and then have a go at task one. There is also a task two if you want to push yourself!



Click on the link below to learn all about the Alps and answer the questions about them.


Any questions, please let me know!

Mrs Clayton

Monday 8th June

Good morning everyone!

We hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed some time relaxing in the sun – I finally got to as I now have a garden! WOOO!

I know it’s very sad that we’re not back in school today as some of us should have been, but we’ve got to remember we’re keeping ourselves safe.



Scroll down to the King Midas story and watch the video.

Can you retell the story in comic book style? Here’s a link to some templates if you need an idea of how to set it out. I want to see pictures and speech bubbles.


Maths & SPAG

Follow the link to have a go at the Maths and spelling activities for today



Have a go at this Science lesson looking at life cycles in humans and animals

Friday 22nd May 2020


Me and Miss Kay use something called ‘White Rose’ to help plan your maths lessons and there are some challenges on BBC bitesize that White Rose has helped them create. Have a go and see how many you can get correct!



Can you complete pages 2 and 3 of the summer booklet? The first task involves making an informal letter formal. So imagine how a letter from the queen would sound! And the second task wants you to find the matching synonyms – match a t shirt to the shorts.


Looking after our planet is so important! We all try really hard at school to recycle whenever possible. Read the following information, watch the videos and make a poster encouraging people to recycle. Remember to add some information from the videos to add to your posters.


Have a great half term!

Wednesday 20th May


Today I want you to have a go at building some sentences. Remember, this is not about CHANGING words, this is about ADDING MORE DETAIL.

Start with a sentence that describes the picture from Monday, with…

What: I found myself at the bottom of some stairs.

Now let’s start to add more detail.

When: Last week, I found myself at the bottom of some stairs

Where: Last week, on my mountain hike, I found myself at the bottom of some stairs.

How: Last week, on my mountain hike, I surprisingly found myself at the bottom of some stairs.

Why: Last week, on my mountain hike, I surprisingly found myself at the bottom of some stairs because I had taken a different route to normal.


Have a go at this using a different sentence! Can you try this with a few. Maybe you could build your sentence with some of the features we’ve used in class as well.



Check out today’s YouTube video for work. We’re revising long division today!



Have a go at the reading comprehension about the Mayan’s today. Read the text and then skip to the CHALLENGE section (miss out the question boxes). Try ans answer the questions in section A, B and C - if you came to the hall with me on a Monday and a Tuesday morning for reading you can also try section D. 


Life skills

It’s life skills day again – what can you learn today? Will you make the tea for everyone in the house? Will you help out with the washing? Is there anything you could learn that might help you when you go to high school? Can’t wait to see what you learn!

Long division revision

Tuesday 19th May


You task for today is to extend your vocabulary, so what I want you to do is look at the vocabulary that you added on yesterday and see if you can use an online thesaurus to uplevel some of the words you chose. There’s some nice phrases and ideas on this website too

Also see if you can use SHAMPOO to help add in some different sentence ideas: simile, hyperbole (over exaggeration), alliteration, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia and oxymoron (opposites). Try to add AT LEAST two of these into your ideas.



Today I’ve set you an escape room challenge. Work through the powerpoint solving the clues, to reveal a passcode to ESCAPE THE FOREST!



Today we’re going to look at how we vie ourselves, how others view us and how we can turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Have a go at the ‘how do people see me’ activity first. Then try out the ‘making negative thoughts into positive thoughts’ sheet. See how many times today you can turn a negative thought into a positive one.

If you’re finding this one tricky, maybe ask an adult if they can help you turn the negative thought into a positive one – ONLY WHEN THEY HAVE TIME!



Get your daily movement in today! Where will you go and how will you move? Will you walk, bike, skateboard, dance, skip, play football? I want to see pictures of you keeping active and keeping moving.

Monday 18th May


Take a look at the winter scene – like we’ve done in class before, I’d like you to create a mind map for the picture for the five senses. So write don see, hear, taste, touch, smell. Come up with AS MANY ideas as you can.



Check out today’s YouTube video for your work!



Have a go at creating a storm in a glass today. You’ll need:

  • Shaving cream
  • A large glass
  • water
  • Food coloring
  • A spoon



Pick one of the activity sheets to have a go at for today’s work!

Multiplying mixed numbers by whole numbers

Friday 15th May



Mrs Clayton has uploaded a video for today’s work!



Some challenges to try on BBC Bitesize this morning – I like the look of them! Going to get you really thinking on a Friday morning


Life skills

Think this was a popular one with parents and carers last week. Spend some time today learning some life skills -  last week I saw: putting shopping away, learning how to put a wash on, hoovering, can’t wait to see today’s



Today is a bit Toy story themed! I want you to go around the house and imagine that some of the objects come together to come alive. Take any objects you can find around he house to make a character that comes alive!! I want pictures of this one via email or Twitter

Thursday 14th May



Mrs Clayton has uploaded a video for today’s work!



Check out the video for today’s work – you’ll need this link



Make sure you do Joe Wick’s workout today:

I did my first one in school on Monday and didn’t realise how hard he makes you work!! We had a lot of fun though (even if my legs are still a bit achy today)



The weather looks nice today – grab a book and go read in the garden for a bit! Are now we can, take a walk to a park and sit and have a read with the rest of your family – make sure to share some pictures on Twitter!

Maths 14/5/20

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Here it is! The day you’ve all been waiting for – my birthday!!! Not quite under the circumstances we imagined but as long as there is cake I’ll be happy!



Have a go at the lesson from bbc bitesize. We will be doing a piece of writing tomorrow and this will help you. I’ll be doing videos for Thursday and Friday.



I have a maths investigation for you today – we haven’t done one of these in a long time! Have a go at the dot investigation on page one and two. The answers are on page 3 so don’t look until you have worked them out!!!


There is an extra one about ice cream if you enjoy investigations. Again, the answers are on page 2 so not peeking until you have had a good go!



Today we are going to link our art work to our history topic. I would like you to read the ppt to understand why masks were so important to the Mayans and then design your own. We have masks in the Y6 cupboard ready to decorate so please take care with your designs and keep them safe. Hopefully we will be able to make them soon!



Tuesday 12th May

Good morning Year 6!


Complete page 5 and 7 of the summer maths booklet. I uploaded it on Thursday. When you are working out page 7, remember to work backwards and use the inverse!



Complete page 5-8 of the comprehension about William Shakespeare. If you fancy making it a little bit harder, then complete page 11 – 14



Answers from yesterday’s work are here!



Read the information given on the powerpoint. Then, I’d like you to use the sheet given to tell me about two Gods and then make your own. You don’t need to use the worksheet – you can just use your own paper.   

Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning Year 6! Hope you had a lovely weekend in the sun – I can’t believe how much the weather has changed in just a day.


Today should have been SAT’s day – some of you will sad to miss them and some of you will be over the moon! Still, we are so proud of how hard you worked towards them since September.


A poem for Y6 – CLASS OF 2020

Today is the day SAT’s would have started,

The classroom set up and the tables parted.

The rules on the board, the display wall covered,

The workbooks away, out of sight in the cupboard.

Instead you are home and doing your bit,

Protecting your families from getting sick.

It’s important right now, we’re in lockdown you see,

Being a part of world history.

You’ve worked so hard, you should be proud,

You’ve practiced your SPAG and times tables out loud.

You’ve practiced algebra to the Nth degree,

And now the tests will no longer be.

Some may be sad they can’t take the tests,

“Hip hip hooray”, I’ve no doubt said the rest.

I don’t need SAT’s results to tell me,

How hard you’ve worked – it’s easy to see!

Year 6, let me shout it out loud,

You’ve made your teachers very proud!

So please continue to learn, fill that brain up full,

And please remember - we think you are wonderful!




For English today you have a choice of two activities.

  1. Write your own poem. This can be about school, missing school, spring – anything that is relevant to you at the moment.

Listen to the story read by Oti (if anyone watches Strictly, she’s my fav!!!) and answer the questions.



See the above link to revise how to add and subtract mixed numbers



Because you are not doing SAT’s today, I have given you a mini SAT’s test. Enjoy!!!


Mr Shelton’s collective worship is ready to watch over on YouTube too!

Thursday 7th May 2020



Please see the document attached below for my letter to Duncan from his grey crayon - with glitter!



A maths booklet is below - have a go at the activities on page 1 and 2. 


VE day!

As you will have all heard, tomorrow is the celebration of the 75th anniversary of VE day. I have been learning all about my grandad Samuel Siddall who served in the army. Below is a photo of him and some other documents we have found including a letter from one of his friends that was sent from India! 


I would like you to do a project about VE day. This could be a powerpoint all about VE day, it could be research about a family member who served in the army, it could be drawing of people celebrating the war was over - whatever you want! It doesn't have to be completed today so if you want to speak to a family member or need certain materials - that's ok!


Have a good day and make the most of this sunshine!


Mrs Clayton

Wednesday 6th May



See Mrs Clayton’s YouTube video today



Let’s see what we can remember for our arithmetic today – set yourself a 30 minute timer and work through the paper and then mark. Answers are on the bottom!


Life lesson

Taking inspiration from Miss McTeague and Year 5 this afternoon after seeing some of their pictures on Twitter, I was loving it! I want you to spend the afternoon learning one life skill. This might be how to cook a specific meal, how to use the washing machine, how to clean the bathroom, how to make a cup or tea, how to use an iron, how to hoover, how to change a lightbulb. Whatever it is you want to learn…or what your parents or carers need help with!



Read the Mayan Civilisation eBook and create an information poster on the section you found most interesting (you might need to create a Twinkl log in for this).

Tuesday 5th May



Check out Mrs Clayton’s YouTube video for today’s work 


Follow the link below and complete Tuesday’s maths activities comparing fractions



Make sure you complete today’s Joe Wicks workout and get outside to complete your hours movement. Tag me in your pictures of your movement on Twitter, I’ll make sure to post mine!



Look at the images below. The first one is the Five Ways to Wellbeing. These are the five things we could do to make sure our mind is healthy and happy. Watch the video to find out more about this.

On a piece of paper, create a mind map for each of the five ways of wellbeing of different ideas you could do, for example, around give you could write: give a friend a compliment, make someone a drink, donate to charity, raise funds for charity, give up your time to help someone else etc.

See if you can complete one of these each day for 30 days and use the tracker to add an emoji to each day to show what you’ve done. Some ideas are at the bottom. Post these on Twitter if you want to so we can see what you’ve been up to.


Parents: for more great ideas around mental health and support your children and yourself through this time give @Amysixsmith a follow on Twitter.

Monday 4rd May

Happy Star Wars day!


Watch the Youtube video below for the book ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’. Make some notes about where your crayon could be left. A recent holiday? Somewhere in the house?

The more creative the better!


Check out the YouTube video to find the work for today, you’ll need this link


Watch this music video

Look at the sheet – The first page lists lots of grammar features and the second page gives you an example of each one in the same box. Using the video for ideas, come up with a sentence for as many of the grammar features as you can.


Have a look through this BBC Bitesize lesson today, revising the plants and the solar system


Maths - 4/5/20

BBC Bitesize maths today on simplifying fractions

The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt

Lesson idea: Students write letters from the perspective of things that they have lost or ignored

Friday 1st May

May! How did that happen so quick?! Hope you’re all ok – miss you all!



Head over to YouTube to see my letter from my unhappy item in my house. Then I’d like you to have a go at writing your own using you plan from yesterday.



Go through the powerpoint below to work through. You can click the blue rectangle to reveal the answer once you have worked it out. There are also 17 questions at the end of the powerpoint (you don’t have to do them all!) Aim for 8!



I am obsessed with ‘Draw with Rob’ on YouTube. I’ve also discovered Disney tutorials which I also love. So I’d like you to follow the links below and have a go. I’ve put pics of mine up for you to see. Share your drawings with me on twitter or email. I’d love to see them!


I’ll also put one of Freddie’s up too as he loves it.

Thursday 30th April



Use all the knowledge you’ve learnt this week to calculate the missing angles!



Take a look back at your grumpy household item! What was it grumpy about? Today we want you to plan out a letter you might write out.

How would you start your informal letter? Look at how the crayons started theirs!

Firstly, your first paragraph should be about your first complaint – bullet point what you want to say in this paragraph

In your second paragraph, bullet point what your second complaint would be

For your final paragraph, bullet point how you would like them to change their behaviour


Now we’d like you to go back and add in some vocabulary you might use. Could you think about what language your object would use? These letters are quite informal but remember there’s a difference between informal and slang!


Email or tweet us your plans so we can see what your object is unhappy about



Use your Yumu log in to log back on and carry on from where you were up to last week. I’ve been checking to see who’s been logging on!



Did anyone try an eBook last week? We’d love for you to go and read some more of that if so. Or, go and pick up your current book and have a read! See if you can summarise what you read today on Twitter in one tweet – that’s 140 letters!

Wednesday 29th April



Check out the YouTube video for today’s work. We’ve also popped the answers from the work set by Mrs Clayton yesterday below!



Write the next day of your diary of your new life as a crayon! What have they been up to with their first day of freedom. We can't wait to read them!



Sometimes we have feelings that make us uncomfortable, that might be worry, sadness, anger, upset, fear. These feelings are all normal and over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at how we can react to these emotions positively, but today we’re going to look at what emotions we feel, how they make us feel when we have them and where we feel those emotions in our body.

Task 1: Play the boardgame if you have a dice, if not maybe you can find an online one. The instructions are on the sheet! You can play this on your own if you’ve no one to play with

Task 2: Now look at the second worksheet – think about each emotion and when you feel that emotion, where do you feel it in your body? Do you get sweaty hands, butterflies in your tummy, do you cry, do you pick your nails, does it make you shaky? Use the sheet to fill in each emotion.

Task 3: Finally, have a go at the helping hand worksheet. Think about when you’ve had a certain emotion and how it made you feel.

Challenge: this week write down any emotions you feel, how did you know you were feeling this emotion? What was happing in your body? What made you feel this emotion? How did you make yourself feel better if it was an uncomfortable emotion?


A great way to help us with our mental health and well-being is yoga! Have a go and this one today and see how you feel before, compared to after.

Exploring angles in shapes

Today we're going to use angles in a triangle to help us work out the angles in different shapes

Morning Year 6!

Hope you’re all ok. So lovely to see some of you on twitter and everything that you’ve been doing.



Today we are going to imagine we are one crayon (any colour) and we are writing a diary of what has happened since we quit our job as a crayon. Pick one crayon and model writing a diary in the form of a story board. Where have you been? How do you feel? Do you miss the other crayons/Duncan? Or are you happy to be away?


Head over to Youtube to read my diary entry. Try to identify some of the features I have used and use them in your own writing.



I know you have been doing amazingly well with the angles work that has been set for you over the last week! Today we will revisit some of the different areas of angles as check you can remember some of the different vocabulary that is linked to angles. The answers will be put up with tomorrows work!



Our new History topic is ‘The Mayans’. Never heard of them? Me neither until I did some research! So there is your task for today – jump on your laptop/iPad and find out who the Mayans were and where they lived. Just bullet points is fine for this lesson!



You can either head over to see what Joe Wicks is up to today or make sure you go out for some exercise today. Let me know what you decide on twitter!

Monday 27th April



See today’s YouTube video for your work equilateral scalene isosceles



See today’s YouTube video for your work – some questions looking back at Friday’s worksheet and then an extra challenge worksheet. PLEASE don’t panic if you don’t understand this, we’re really pushing you with some tricky stuff today!



Watch the video about Carl Linnaeus

Who was he? Where was he from? What was he interested in? What did he introduce?

Check out the PowerPoint about classification. All the information and activities are on here. Make sure you look up any words you’re not sure of and check out the second presentation for Guess Zoo activity.

Challenge: can you find any insects this week and use what you’ve learnt to have a go at classifying them.



Practice some of our 5 and 6 words using the game below:


Don’t forget to check out Mr Shelton’s Collective Worship for today

Angles in a triangle (27/4/20)

Looking over some of the tricker questions from Friday and giving you some tips on some harder ones too


Friday 24rd April 2020


The crayons in our story came to life and were unhappy with how they were being used. Today we want you to explore your house for an unhappy everyday object. Find it, and put it in front of you on the table.

Draw your object, turning it into a character and answer these questions:

-Why is you object unhappy? List three main points

-Who or what are they unhappy with?

-Who are they telling they are unhappy?

-What would make them happy again?

-Anything else you’d like us to know about your unhappy object


Get creative with this one! I’m already excited to see what you come up with!


I have decided mine would be the washing machine!

  • No days off living in the Clayton house!
  • Never thanked after washing all the clothes
  • Always having to clean up after two little boys whose clothes are always muddy/full of food!

He wants a holiday!



Today we are going to learn how to find the angles in a triangle. Have a look at the powerpoint below to start with. Two things to remember – if the triangle has 2 little lines on them, it means that those sides and angles are equal. On exercise 2 task 2 remember that angles around a point add up to 360’ and angles on a straight line add up to 180’.


The answers are at the end of the powerpoint so no peeking until you’ve had a go! Also, I’ve deleted a couple of questions off the sheet so don’t let that confuse you!


High school

We will be doing more on your transition to high school over the next few months but there are some good videos and starting points in the lesson below.


Exercise time

Let us know what you get up to for your hours exercise today. I’ll share mine later on twitter!


Have a good day!





Thursday 23rd April

Good morning! Hope you’re all doing okay today. Keep up the hard work at home and keep sharing 😊



Today we want you to look back at the conversations you wrote yesterday and edit them. Look for:

-Spelling mistakes

-Missing capital letters

-Inverted commas around speech

-Punctuation inside your speech (?!, and only if end of the sentence .)

-Comma before speech if who said it is first

-New speaker, new line

-Capitals at start of speech

-Verb instead of said

-Have you added detail in between speech, can you add some more?

-Does it make sense?



Look through the opposite angles powerpoint and then have a go at the worksheets. They get harder and harder as they go along – how far can you get!?



Go grab the latest book you’re really enjoying and read for 15 minutes. If you’ve not got one at home why don’t you try this Sherlock Holmes book from Oxford Reading Tree You might just need to set up a log in with an adult to access it. Or you can even pick a book of your choice from the free eBook library



On Tuesday you should have received a log in for a website called Yumu, which is part of the Charanga website you use with Miss Evans on a Thursday. I’ve set you an assignment you should see when you log in called ‘Music and Me’. Click on this and start working through the units down the side – we’ll come back to the unit each week, so don’t try and get it all done in one day!


Miss Kay


Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Morning Year 6! Hope you’re all ok and enjoying some of this sunshine (and wind!)



Please see the link below for an example of how to write a conversation between two crayons. I apologise for not writing it ‘live’ but due to my left handed issues/how I hold a pen, you couldn’t see what I was writing! The main features you should be including is correct speech punctuation, informal writing, correct punctuation and try not use as many alternatives to said. If I see some split speech in there, I’ll be SO impressed!



Today you will be learning how to find angles around a point. Please look at the links below for today’s work, a YouTube video with Miss Kay and an extra challenge!

Here is an online alternative to the first worksheet:




Here is a vocabulary task for you to try. You have to match the correct word to the sentence. Don’t worry about the timer!



The art we will be doing today is linked to our new class book ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’. There are two options – if you have wax crayons in your house, try task one. If not, have a go at task 2.

Task 1

You can set this piece of art out however you like – you don’t have to copy mine!


The is a video on the school YouTube channel about how to melt the wax.


You will need:

Wax crayons


Newspaper or something to protect the table (I didn’t do this so I have to clean up waz after this!)

A hairdryer



Step 1.

Hold the crayon in the position you want it on your piece of paper.


Step 2

Hold the hairdryer over the wax crayon until it starts to melt and drips down the page. Please make sure you don’t burn your hands and ask an adult to help!


Step 3

Continue to melt the wax from your chosen crayons and build up your picture. You can use the crayon box if you want to. I placed my crayons on the page rather than glued them as I struggled to get them to stick!


Step 4

Please share your artwork with us via twitter, email etc.



Task 2  

Draw a pack of crayons with some of them either sticking out or out of the pack. Have another look at the book and decide what would be an appropriate thing for them to say. Then write that into a speech bubble and stick it on top of your drawing.


Angles around a point

Moving on to working out angles around a point today. Use the link on the website or the first worksheet to practice this skill and the there's a second work...

Tuesday 21st April


Check out the PDF below for today’s Maths work – this will talk you through how to calculate angles on a straight line. Then complete the worksheet! There’s some on the bottom to really challenge you – let’s see if you can give them a go. The answers are on the next page when you’re done.



If you’ve not already been and watched it, then make sure to check out our story for this half term at:

Look back at the conversation WAGOLL we used earlier this year today. Can you find the key features like we normally do? Look for what makes the speech successful, adverbs, verbs instead of said, apostrophes for omission (where an apostrophe has replaced a missing letter), relative clauses and subordinating conjunctions.



Make sure to complete todays Joe Wicks workout

We hope you’ve been keeping up with these daily and making sure you get out once a day. I’ve been a little poorly over the last few weeks but now I’m feeling better I’m making sure I get out for a walk once a day and also doing a daily workout at home!

If you fancy a change, or something a little bit more relaxing today, then check out this HARRY POTTER themed yoga I may even have a go myself: I was very excited when I saw it.



Right now it’s more important than ever to make sure we are looking after our mental health just as much as our physical health. But what is mental health?

Take a look at the Powerpoint attached below to find out what mental health is, and what mental health problems some people might face.

Remember when I asked you to make your ‘Happy Me’ list? (If you don’t then go and do this now: create a list of 10 things that make you really happy and you love doing)


I want you to pick one thing off that list and go and do it right now!! Doing things that we love and switching off is a really great way to look after our mental health, especially at the moment. If you’re feeling a little sad or bored, use your happy me list to pick up your mood! I've also attached the activities mentioned on the Powerpoint if you want to have a go at those.


Miss Kay :)

Monday 20th April

Good morning everyone, we hope you had a lovely Easter break. We’d love to see some pictures of the animals you made and researched! Here’s todays work:



Today we're working on revising angles - check out the video below for your task!


Angle measuring game:

Upload your pictures of angles you made on here and see how close your estimates were:



See the school Youtube account for today's English with Mrs Clayton



Today we want you to start to learn about what classification is. Take a look at the information on this page, watch the video and complete the activity at the bottom of the page.


Find the definition of these words: Species, related, classification, similar, features, vertebrate, invertebrate


What is classification? Can you write a definition using the information you’ve read

Over Easter you researched an animal, which group do you think your animal would be classified into? Could you do some research to check.



See how many of the word classes you can remember in one minute!

Using the picture below, write some sentences that use prepositions or prepositional phrases and underline them.



If you have any questions, don’t forget you can email myself and Mrs Clayton for help.

Angle revision

Today we look at revising how to measure angles and I set you a few challenges!

Monday 6th April


Good morning :)


Today should have been the start of our Easter holidays! So I thought I'd set you some projects to work on over the next few weeks.


Your challenges:

- Our next Science topic is 'Living things and their habitats' we would like you to pick an animal and do some detailed research on that animal's characteristics. Using the description you've found I'd like you to create a detailed model of that animal however you wish to do so! You may even take this a step further and create a diorama (google that for some ideas)

- Decorate an egg (if you can find any in the shops)

-Make hot cross buns

-Make some chocolate crispy cakes (with some mini eggs of course)

-Weave an Easter basket

-Create a palm cross

-Create an Easter themed card based on the RE work Mrs Clayton set you a few weeks ago - could you maybe send it to someone you know who is self isolating/vulnerable/local care home


Obviously don't forget that if you want to carry on working you've still got your SATs revision booklets and there's also another link to below that has a work timetable with daily ideas for the upcoming week:


Hope everyone is okay,


Miss Kay :)


Friday 3rd March 2020


Morning Year 6! We are at the end of week 2. Hope you are all ok. As promised from yesterday, here are the answers to yesterday’s maths.


  1. 34cm
  2. 48m
  3. 11cm or 110mm
  4. 500m
  5. 56cm
  6. 314mm
  7. 44m
  8. 88cm

I also did my worry sheet which I imagine has some similarities to yours!

  1. Not knowing when this will end
  2. I worry my children aren’t doing enough each day
  3. I worry about how much toilet roll we get through haha!

I felt better once I’d thought about them and wrote them down. Then I went to the shop and found toilet roll so that’s one problem solved!


Maths: I have attached a sheet about finding the area of compound shapes. There are 3 levels so choose the one you feel is best for you. If it’s too easy, go to the next one!


English: In the Easter booklet, there is an Easter poem and questions for you to complete. There are also some multi-clause sentences to have a go at if you want to stretch yourself.


PE: If you head over to Joe Wicks YouTube page, there are workouts there waiting for you (unless you have done it live at 9am already!)


Easter scavenger hunt: I have also attached an Easter scavenger hunt for you. You will need a partner so ask a sibling or an adult to play with you. One of you needs to hide the clues for the other to find. They are only short so you could quickly write them on a piece of paper and then hide them.


Have a good day!


Mrs Clayton

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Morning Year 6!

English – Please complete page 3 from the Easter booklet that I put up yesterday. There is an extract from a story and then some questions for you to answer.


Maths – Today I want you to find the perimeter of compound shapes. We did this just before we finished so remember that you have to use the clues given to you in order to work out the missing measurements. I will post the answers on here tomorrow so make sure you keep your work safe.


PSHCE – Some of you may have a few more worries than normal. I know I do! Attached is a sheet to help you write your worries down. I’m going to complete it too today and I’ll share mine with you tomorrow. If you want to share yours with an adult or a sibling in your house, that’s great. Or with a friend (not face to face obviously!)


Staying home is hard but necessary at the moment. Let me know what you have been doing to keep yourselves busy (apart from completing all your school work if course!) Maybe it will inspire someone to try something different today.


Have a good day and I’ll speak to you tomorrow!


Mrs Clayton

Wednesday 1st April


Good morning Year 6! We miss you all! Just think today should be SAT’s revision and we’re missing it!!!!!


English: If you haven’t managed to fnish your balanced argument, can you try to have a go today. If you have finished it already – well done! I want you to read through your work and edit it. If you have a purple pen, dictionary and thesaurus use them but remember we are not Joey from Friends – do not overuse the thesaurus!


Maths: Use your knowledge of shape to work out the area and perimeter questions below. Don’t forget that you need cm or m after perimeter and cm2 or m2 after area.


Easter activities: Complete the first two pages from your Easter booklet.


I’ve been nice today and I’ve made you a treasure hunt to do. Send me pictures of what you find on twitter! Enjoy!  

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Year 6!


I hope you’re all ok.


Maths – Complete the Easter maths challenges below.


Reading – Cosy up with a book of your choice for 15 minutes (more if you want to!)


History – Transport changed massively during the Industrial Revolution. Use this website to read all the information about it and then there is a quiz at the bottom of the page and test what you have learnt.


Hope you’re all ok and let me know how you’re getting on. 

Balanced argument - Part 4

Today I show you how to write the conclusion for your balanced argument.

Monday 30th March


English - Write the third paragraph of your balanced argument using the YouTube video below to help you. SPREAD THE WORD - MISS KAY HAS A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT!!


Reading - grab a book and read for 15 minutes


Maths - look at the sheet below - can you name all the shapes and their properties (use the internet to research if you need to) then go on a shape hunt - how many different shapes can you find in your house?


Science - If you can get hold of what you need, try to make a periscope using this link


SPAG - have a go at 10 questions from your SPAG paper

Balanced argument - Paragraph 3

I show you how to write your against paragraph for your balanced argument

Friday 27th March


Morning Year 6!


Mrs Clayton here! I’m loving seeing all your work on twitter – keep it coming!


Maths: Complete the first mat from the document below. Do NOT look at the answers below until you have had a really good go at them.


English - Write the next paragraph of your balanced argument using the YouTube video below to help and the two attached documents 


Art: After seeing all the amazing videos to support our wonderful NHS staff, I’d like you to make a NHS blue house poster to display in the window of your house. You can make it from whichever art materials you have available to you in your house. Be as creative as possible and share these with me and Miss Kay on twitter. Looking forward to seeing them!


Here is mine!



RE: Watch the following video about Easter. Can you retell the story to a sibling or one of your family members?


PE: Follow the link to Joe Wicks’s PE lesson for today – go outside if possible!


Have a good day and keep busy. Speak soon, Mrs Clayton.

Balanced argument - second paragraph

Today I show you how to write the second paragraph of your balanced argument

Thursday 26th March


Maths - Day 4 of this weeks fluent in 5


Get out on a walk today and count what you see e.g. 10 people walking, 15 rainbows in windows, 4 cyclists etc. (make sure you write this down)

When you get back home, create a bar chart with your information and tweet them so that me and Mrs Clayton can see them. 


English - Write the introduction to your balanced argument. Include what veganism is, the fact that there are points for both sides, and a sentence to summarise the two sides. Don't forget to use your WAGOLL from Monday to magpie some ideas. I'll be tweeting a link to my YouTube channel later with a video to help you write your introduction.


Science - Now it's time to put your shadow puppet theatres to good use by conducting an experiment with them! check out this website to see how you can explore shadows using your shadow puppet theatre. I've already seen Elliott has made his on Twitter - don't forget to share your work with us


Reading - today we would usually have library time, so grab a book and get outside in a sunny spot of your garden and get stuck into a good book. I've seen lots of amazing reading dens on the internet - could you make your own reading den? We're excited to see them!


Miss Kay :) 

Balanced argument introduction

I show you have to structure your ideas and write your very own introduction.

Wednesday 25th March


Morning Year 6 – Mrs Clayton here. I hope you’re all ok, keeping busy at home and enjoying the nice weather – lets hope it lasts! I’ve also joined twitter so you can keep in touch. My username is @MrsClaytonYear6


Work for today:

Maths: Complete week 10, day 3 of your fluent in 5 booklet. Don’t forget to set a timer for five minutes! Let me know your results.


I have found a fantastic maths website at where you can join for free at the moment. There’s some great maths games and activities on there so please have a look.


English: Carrying on from the work Miss Kay set yesterday, I’ve attached a planning sheet to help you organise your ideas for a balanced argument piece of writing. There are notes on the sheet to help you. No need to print it off – you could just quickly sketch it onto a blank piece of paper.


History: I’ve attached a powerpoint all about housing during the Industrial Revolution. Read through the slides and then there is task 1, 2 and even a homeschooling task for you to complete! Try to do at least one of these – let me know how you get on!


Make sure to go out and have a walk today in the sunshine.


Speak soon,

Mrs Clayton   

Tuesday 24th March


Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is doing okay after their first day at home. I've made it to twitter! If anyone wants to chat or add any questions then follow my account @MissKayYear6 I'm also looking at setting up a Youtube account to do some tutorials


Today's work:

Maths - Fluent in Five using the document uploaded yesterday and time yourself doing an arithmetic paper - 30 minutes then mark - let me know how you got on on twitter!


English - Do some research on the pros and cons of veganism and create a list of both sides on your notepads - think about which side you agree with and add this to the bottom of the page


PE - 


Today we would normally be doing PE, so check out Joe Wick's live workout from this morning and give it a go if you haven't done so already!


PSHE: Make a list of 10 activities that you really really enjoy doing and call it your 'Happy List' e.g. reading, colouring, listening to music, playing board games, doing a jigsaw etc. If you start to feel a bit sad at home because you can't get outside, then go to your 'Happy List' and pick an activity to do. Get whoever is at home involved and get them to write their own happy list!

Monday 23rd March


Maths - I have attached below the Fluent in Five document for this week. Each morning, get the questions up on a screen and your notepad. Set a 5 minute timer like we would in class and answer all your questions. Scroll down after your time is up and mark them. Do this at the beginning of each day like we would in class.


Also answer 10 questions from one of your problem solving and reasoning booklets.


English - Look at the WAGOLL for the Balanced argument in your packs (I've attached it below too). Can you find all the features of a balanced argument and spot any sentences types that have been used?


Science/DT - Make yourself a shadow puppet theatre like we did in school - base it on your favourite book. We'll be using this later in the week for an experiment! Take a picture and tag school on Twitter: Miss Kay will be checking to see what you all managed to create.

Last day!

We've had a great last day playing lots of games and enjoying our day together. Leaving school, we added some messages for our friends who weren't with us in school!

Year 3 and Year 6 artwork

Look at our amazing artwork that Year 3 and Year 6 have been working on this afternoon! We've had a great day all together.

A great resource for Maths including Youtube tutorials

Macbeth speech

This half term we have been reading Macbeth. We created a spooky setting description and this week have been building up to writing a section of the story from Lady Macbeth's point of view. Here you can see some of the speech we created for our stories in groups, which Miss Kay was blown away with, as the children all independently selected language from the story to use in their speech!

Science Day

For Science day we looked at sustainable food sources and why many people are switching to a vegan/vegetarian diet due to the impact that animal farming is having on global warming and climate change. 


Once we had explored this, we became farmers, and researched plants which we could grow in England at this time of year to meet the growing demands of a plant based diet. 


We then voted for the most popular fruit/vegetable to grow on our farm (it was the cucumber) and turned this into a bar chart.


Finally, we decided to research the pros and cons of the vegan/vegetarian diet to write a balanced argument in our English in a few weeks. 

English drama

We had such a fun English lesson today planning our next piece of writing. Looking at the pictures above to help us, we added text to say what we thought the characters would be speaking about. After this, we acted it out in order to help us with our writing next week. There were lots of laughs!!

National Poetry Day

Still image for this video
Today is National Poetry Day, which is why we have been looking at performance poetry in English. The theme for this year is change, so we discussed Autumn and change and the Christian festival of Harvest. As our Harvest service is coming up, we practised a poem to perform for the school and parents, adding in actions, expression and sound FXs in order to make our poem a performance. You can see us practising here, but if you want to see the full performance, you’ll have to come to the Harvest service on Monday!


Here are some of our French classroom commands posters, which we created today to stick up in class and use.