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Welcome to our Year 6 class page!


As we all know, Year 6 is a very important year in your primary school journey. It’s a chance to show off everything you have learnt throughout KS2. We spend the year working hard and preparing for SATs, whilst also having some fun along the way. So far this year we’ve dissected hearts, taken part in a Viking invasion and completed a field trip around school. In addition, we’ve had visitors from a personal trainer, the magistrates and someone came to work with us on our emotional health and wellbeing (to support us heading into our SATs).


In our class, we have the drive to work hard and all agree that ‘it’s okay not to know, but it’s not okay not to try’. Every day we follow this, ensuring that every piece of work is out best work! We work as a team to provide a supportive, engaging and positive classroom every day, where everyone achieves their full potential.

We finished SATs!

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WE FINISHED SATs!! To celebrate, we spent our Friday doing lots of fun activities: we danced, ate, had a song battle, watched a film and played some sports. 

Maths revision

Maths revision 1
Maths revision 2
Maths revision 3
Maths revision 4
Maths revision 5
Maths revision 6
Maths revision 7
Maths revision 8
Today we got outside to enjoy the weather, whilst doing a little bit of Maths revision before our final SATs test tomorrow. We completed a Maths treasure hunt, where each answer lead to the next question.

Maths revision document

Maths graffiti - final revision before our Maths SATs paper tomorrow

Angle revision

Angle revision 1
Angle revision 2
Angle revision 3

Shadow puppet theatre

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Take a look at some of our children performing using their shadow puppet theatre they made as part of our DT work. We used out class book, Macbeth, to act out sections.

Switcheroonie day

Exploring light in Science

Exploring light in Science 1
Exploring light in Science 2
Exploring light in Science 3
Exploring light in Science 4
Exploring light in Science 5
Exploring light in Science 6

We were exploring reflecting light using shiny and dull surfaces and we found that light traveled in straight lines when reflected of a shiny surface, but was dispersed when the surface was dull.